Junk car Towing for charities

If you need a junk vehicle to be removed from the premises, we can do it for you at the best prices in the market. We offer junk car towing for charities and can tow away your vehicle anytime and from anywhere. Do you have a junk vehicle? Whether your old car is still running or it’s sputtered its last breath and now sits dormant in your garage, it may be time to consider freeing up space by getting rid of it.
Although all kinds of cars are accepted by our charitable organization “Urban Navigation” (a 501C3 non-profit organization founded to help slow down inner-city gun violence), the majority of the vehicles donated are junk cars. Most of the time, people opt to sell their functioning vehicles for their financial gain, probably to fund their next car. Junking a car and donating a car are also both tried and true methods for getting rid of your junker and the proof will be in the pudding: both junking and donating allow you to increase your finances.
Do you have a car that doesn’t run? Both junking a car and donating a car will allow you to do away with this glorified mass of metal. In any situation, we will pick up your junk car from home for free. If you junk it we will pay you cash. If you donate your old car you can write it off as a tax deduction with a form we provide. Next Level Towing & Auto is all set with their prompt services to tow your junk car for our charity or for cash.

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